Cancun is renowned for its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, but what if you’re seeking something beyond the typical tourist trails? You’re in luck!

10 Uncommon Things to Do in Cancun**

Explore Hidden Cenotes

Immerse yourself in the underground beauty of cenotes, where you can swim and dive in crystal-clear waters surrounded by stunning rock formations. Near Cancun, there’s the well-known “Ruta de los Cenotes,” a tourist route spanning several areas, offering access to a series of impressive cenotes.


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Whale Shark Watching

Whale shark watching in Cancun is an exciting experience that allows visitors to swim alongside these majestic ocean giants. During the summer months, whale sharks gather in the warm waters of the Mexican Caribbean in search of food, providing adventurers with the unique opportunity to witness their impressive beauty up close.

Whale shark watching tours usually depart from Cancun and the nearby Isla Holbox, taking participants in specially designed boats to areas where these gentle giants are most frequently spotted. Once in the water, swimmers can dive and enjoy the experience of swimming alongside whale sharks in their natural habitat, an experience that leaves a lasting impression and a deep respect for marine life.

Visit the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA)

The visit to the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA) in Cancun is a unique experience that combines art with marine conservation. This underwater museum, located in the crystal-clear waters off the coast of Cancun and Isla Mujeres, boasts an impressive collection of submerged sculptures created by local and international artists.


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In addition to being a fascinating tourist attraction, MUSA also plays an important role in marine conservation by acting as an artificial reef that promotes the growth of corals and marine biodiversity. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the importance of preserving marine ecosystems and the need to protect and conserve these precious natural resources.

Try Snuba at the Mayan Reef

Practicing Snuba at the Mayan Reef offers a captivating experience that combines the best of diving and snorkeling. This activity is ideal for those who want to explore the wonders of the ocean but have no previous experience in scuba diving. Snuba uses a breathing system connected to the surface through a tube, allowing participants to dive to a depth of up to 20 feet (approximately 6 meters) while still comfortably breathing at the surface.

The Mayan Reef, located off the coast of Cancun, is the perfect setting for this exciting underwater adventure. With its incredible marine biodiversity and crystal-clear waters, the reef provides an impressive environment to explore. During the Snuba experience, participants can come face to face with a variety of tropical fish, colorful corals, and other marine creatures while enjoying the sensation of floating freely in the ocean.

Kayak Tour through Mangroves

Kayaking through the mangroves is an exciting and enriching activity that allows you to explore up close one of the most fascinating ecosystems in the Cancun region. Mangroves are coastal vegetation areas found in tropical and subtropical zones, serving as crucial habitats for a wide variety of wildlife, including birds, fish, crustaceans, and other organisms.

During a kayak tour through the mangroves, participants have the opportunity to paddle through narrow, winding channels that cut through the mangroves, exploring stunning natural landscapes and enjoying the tranquility of nature.

Night Turtle Watching Tour

Embark on a nighttime tour to observe the nesting of sea turtles; however, in Cancun, this primarily occurs during the sea turtle nesting season, which typically takes place between the months of May to September. During these months, sea turtles arrive at Cancun’s beaches to lay their eggs, making them more easily observable during the night.

It’s important to note that the exact dates may vary slightly each year and depend on various factors, including weather conditions and turtle activity. Therefore, it’s recommended to check with local tour operators or turtle conservation centers for updated information on the availability of nighttime sea turtle watching tours during your visit to Cancun.

During these nighttime tours, visitors have the opportunity to closely observe the nesting process of sea turtles and witness the release of newly hatched offspring as they return to the sea. It’s a unique and exciting experience that allows participants to learn about the importance of conserving these endangered species.

Explore Market 28

Located in the heart of Cancun, it’s a vibrant enclave that captivates visitors with its authenticity and vitality. Offering a wide range of handmade products and Mexican souvenirs, this market is a paradise for art and culture enthusiasts. From colorful textiles to traditional ceramics, and from silver jewelry to handwoven hammocks, the picturesque corridors of the market are filled with treasures waiting to be discovered.

Here, local cuisine also plays a prominent role, with a variety of stalls and restaurants offering authentic Mexican flavors.


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Immerse yourself in Mexican culture as you explore the corridors of Market 28, where the warmth of local vendors and the richness of their products invite you to enjoy a unique experience.

Experience Evenings at the Cancun Municipal Palace Esplanade

Evenings at the esplanade of Cancun’s Municipal Palace provide a relaxing refuge in the heart of the bustling city. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in a charming atmosphere while enjoying a variety of cultural and artistic events held regularly. From concerts and dance performances to folk shows, the esplanade is a vibrant stage where the local community gathers to celebrate the richness of Cancun’s culture.

Lastly, evenings at the esplanade of the Municipal Palace offer a window into the authenticity and diversity of local culture. From street vendors offering typical gastronomic delights to spontaneous cultural activities that emerge among the crowd, each evening at this landmark is an opportunity to immerse oneself in the essence of Cancun. It’s a place where visitors can connect with the city’s everyday life and experience the warmth and hospitality of its people.

Discover Cancun from Above with Turibús: An Unforgettable Panoramic Tour

The Cancun Turibús offers a unique tourist adventure that allows travelers to explore the beauty and diversity of this coastal city from an elevated perspective. With convenient starting points in the city center and the Hotel Zone, passengers have the freedom to embark on this exciting journey from wherever is most comfortable for them.

On board the Turibús, tourists embark on an exciting tour that covers Cancun’s most prominent points of interest. From the stunning beaches of the Hotel Zone to the vibrant historic center, passing through theme parks and scenic viewpoints, each stop offers a glimpse into the rich culture and breathtaking natural beauty of the region. Additionally, with informative commentary on board, passengers can immerse themselves in the history and culture of Cancun while enjoying panoramic views from the comfort of the bus.

Fly Over the Waves of the Caribbean with Exciting Flyboarding in Cancun

Flyboarding in Cancun immerses you in an exhilarating experience that combines the adrenaline of water sports with the sensation of flying over the Caribbean Sea. By using a propulsion device connected to a personal watercraft, you soar above the water and have the opportunity to glide and perform acrobatic maneuvers in a spectacular environment. This activity offers unparalleled excitement for extreme sports enthusiasts and adventurers seeking new ways to enjoy the ocean.

In Cancun, flyboarding is practiced at various locations along the coast, including beaches in the Hotel Zone and designated water sports areas. With the assistance of trained instructors, you will receive a brief instruction on the safe use of the equipment before taking the plunge into the water. This focus on safety ensures that you can fully enjoy the experience without worries.



Cancun has much more to offer beyond its beaches. From exploring hidden cenotes to participating in cultural festivals, there’s a wide range of unusual things to do in this tourist destination. Dare to step out of the ordinary and discover the true magic of Cancun!

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